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We would like express our sincere appreciation to Karin Roberts, Archeological Collections Program Manager, and to Dawn Bringelson, Archeologist and Outreach Coordinator, for their trust, support and coordination efforts to see this project come to pass.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Jenny Leasor, Museum Curator; Andrea Blaser, Collections Intern; Lisa Stanley, Museum Technician; Linda Plock, Archeological Technician, and Kelsey Baker, Outreach Intern, for assisting in our photography sessions, handling the artifacts, providing personal stories about archaeology, and serving as a personal chaperone service for us to bring camera equipment into the building. Good times.

Our thanks to Robert Bryson, MWAC Center Manager, for supporting the MWAC staff that supported our efforts on this project.

A huge “Thank You” to UNL’s Student Technology Services staff: Bode Alabi, Hayden Gascoigne, and Sourabh Chakraborty for meeting with us in the early stages of this project to discuss strategies. Their patience to listen and interpret our novice technological thoughts provided to be a tremendous resource.

A quick thanks to Jessica Dussault from UNL's CDRH for sitting with us through painful JavaScript questions. Even when we did not use the technologies presented, we are better coders because of all of you.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the assistance, guidance, and encouragement from Professors Andrew Jewel, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Lorang, Ph.D. in this Digital Humanities Practicum. It was great comfort and relief meeting with Dr. Jewell at the crucial point when switching technologies became critical. We are grateful for this learning opportunity. We are not the same students who entered the course in early spring. We are now full-fledged digital humanists with the application to prove it.

Buchkoski, Gerena, and Hanson.